Homeopathic Approach in the Case of Secondary Infertility and Anosmia
Received Date : 24 Sep 2019
Accepted Date : 12 May 2020
Available Online : 23 May 2022
Doi: 10.56054/ajohoim.2019-71352 - Article's Language: TR
Acad. J. Homeopat. & Integ. Med. 2023;1(1):33-8
A 38-year-old female patient diagnosed as secondary infertility, anosmia, myoma uteri, Hashimoto thyroiditis with the history of many unsuccessful IVF attempts regained her ability of smell, her thyroid antibody levels normalised, her basal hormones, AMH levels , ovarian follicular development and ovulation improved after 6 months of treatment with homeopathy and nutritional supports. In this case report, it is observed that many gynecological problems accompanied with infertility, anosmia and autoimmune problems like Hashimoto’s thyroiditis can be improved with a holistic approach to individual supportive therapies and homeopathy. It is hoped that this case report can be a reference for future studies in this field.
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